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I am greatly affected by smell. I’m pretty sure I get it from my Grandmother Green. She had a sensitive nose. I truly enjoy a good scent and I can become very repulsed by a bad one. I think that’s what led me to essential oils. Since beginning my essential oil journey, I’ve become more and more aware of toxins and other everyday chemicals that I don’t want in my home. Have you noticed that about yourself? The more you smell pure essential oils, the more that’s all you want to smell. I mean, when you’re focusing on health and wellness, you have to become aware of how some of these “everyday” products that “everyone” uses are affecting you and your family, right? It’s ironic (sort of) how one of the things I’ve began to notice the most as being an offender to my health and wellness is synthetic scent.

I used to be a huge “air freshener-plug in-wax melting-candle burning-fabric softener-cologne wearing-everything had to smell nice all the time” kind of person. I can’t go near any of that now. I literally squint my eyes and wrinkle my nose and hurry away. And so called “unscented products?” Forget about it! So, what happened to me? What changed?

One thing sure didn’t change….I still like for everything to smell nice. See, essential oils don’t just smell nice. They can evoke feelings, bring back memories, uplift moods. They actually purify the air, as opposed to just scenting it. Purer air leads to better quality of life. Where as, synthetic chemical scents are toxic to the human body (and also pets.) They mask odors that we should be smelling in order to protect ourselves from them. That’s why we have a sense of smell. It’s designed to help us determine danger (and nasty, nasty = possible sickness/disease = danger) and also to help evoke memories and to search out mates and….wait, I may be getting off track here.  The point I wanted to make is that we need our sense of smell. It affects so many things in the body. If we are constantly bombarded with synthetic scents, our sense of smell becomes desensitized. Our endocrine systems become confused. Our health and well-being suffers from constantly trying to defend us against the onslaught of toxic chemicals we inhale from air fresheners, personal care products, laundry products, cleaning products, and the list goes on and on. I’ve recently noticed that my dishes smell like they have fabric softener on them. Yep, I’ll not be buying anymore of those little green and blue packets. Yuck!! Be watching this blog for some spectacular DIY recipes I’ve been trying that help me and my family avoid toxins. Synthetic scents wear you down. Some people have a more extreme and immediate reaction than others, but we are all affected by synthetic scents.

On the flip side of that, essential oils help to build you up.  When produced with integrity from start to finish and unadulterated by solvents, additives, or shortcuts, they are the essence of the plant material they are distilled from and they are what helped the plant to defend itself from stress, disease, and injury. Essential oils can help you in those ways, as well. Their superpower is to support, promote, and maintain health and wellness. And scent is  just the aromatic aspect of essential oils—there’s also topical application and internal use to consider. So, what do you smell? A synthetic toxin that your body will be working overtime to defend you against or an essential oil that will purify the air and help you defend yourself?


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