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Ditch toxic chemicals in your house and body and Switch to natural products that will help you clean better, feel happier and be healthier.

When I first got my Young Living oils, all I knew was, I wanted to do things more natural for myself and my family and essential oils could help me do just that! I wasn’t actively looking for ways to detox my home–quite frankly, that wasn’t high on my radar. After all, we weren’t eating or bathing in Pine Sol or Lysol or Purell Hand Sanitizer….or were we? You may have just cringed a little bit. If you are using those products-this is a no judgement zone- I’m not into shaming.

I was using some of those commercial products and more because that’s the way I’d always done it and I could do a serious cleaning job with some Clorox and Windex. Although, it always burned my nostrils and throat for hours afterward. Hmm…that’s a bad sign, isn’t it? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!

Like I said, I was laser focused on oils to support health and wellness, oh and the MAIN reason (in the beginning) because they smelled good. I love for my house to smell good. ?? By the way, I have also ditched all candles and air fresheners. ☠️? Now, back to Ditch and Switch. I was unaware of all that “lurked” in what I was using. We all know there are certain diseases that are linked to that vague term called “environmental factors”. Those include things we breathe, what we are putting on our skin, products we are using to clean our homes, our clothes, that toothpaste we have to spit out, etc.

I know, some of this can be SOOO overwhelming and I’m wanting to give you some SIMPLE solutions to replace some of those products in your home. This week, download a free app like “Think Dirty” or “EWG” to scan some of the products you regularly use and see how those products score on hazardous chemical ingredients. That can be very eye-opening. I’m going to share some posts in a series designed to help you dive deeper into all that Young Living has to offer. I want to provide education on Young Living products to help you replace toxic chemicals for you and your family. One such product, Thieves Household Cleaner, is plant based and can be used to clean practically EVERYTHING!! It’s ultra concentrated and can be diluted for most cleaning jobs. It’s a great place to START!!!

Here are a few more suggestions to start cleaning up your routine.

Month 1: Look at your Bathroom
✅Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste
✅Thieves Mouthwash
✅Thieves Hand Soap (3 pack)

Month 2: Look at Your Kitchen and Laundry
✅Thieves fruit and veggie wash
✅Thieves Laundry Detergent (64 loads of laundry in HE)
✅Thieves Dish Soap

Month 3: All Purpose Thieves products
✅Thieves Cleaner (14.4 oz makes 28+ bottles of cleaner depending on the dilution rate) I consider this a MUST HAVE!!!
✅Thieves hand purifier (3- 1 oz bottles)
✅Thieves spray (3 pack)

These are products that you are probably already spending money on, so it’s not a matter of adding something to your budget. It’s about finding ways to spend your money more wisely and keep your home cleaner and you and your family happier and healthier.

Stay tuned for more in this series! ?

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